Path of Exile reviews previous leagues and announcements

  • Grinding Gear Games has had a significant year at Path of Exile, although it has underperformed in Synthetic League. It brought some welcome changes to the legion, including melee transformation, and introduced the Plague Alliance with a unique tower defense mechanism. Of course, you can also buy a lot of POE Currency at MMOAH, saving a lot of time.

    In the new trailer, developers also reviewed several high-profile announcements from ExileCon. These include Path Free of Exile 2, a free extension that will add seven Acts to the base game; and a mobile version of Path of Exile. This is where the new Transformers League and Atlas Conqueror are revealed.

    It can be said that 2020 will be a bigger year for games. Path of Exile 2 will enter the beta in the second half of 2020 when more leagues with new content will appear. Stay tuned for more updates on how the base game will change and what actions RPG will take, especially when Blizzard's Diablo 4 appears.

    Among other things, you can check out the most important content updates and DLC excerpts and scenarios released for Path of Exile in the past twelve months. There is also a brief outlook on the future of the action RPG brand: In 2019, the team announced a mobile version and a formal follow-up product-Path of Exile 2. However, the exact release dates of these two items are not included. Players can choose to Buy POE Orbs and upgrade while waiting for the new version.