Path of Exile: Blight extension released on PC

  • Regarding the last extension of the Path of Exile, Blight, many players have been paying attention since the extension was confirmed to be released. As the news says, Path of Exile: Blight combines the exciting action combat of POE from previous versions with classic tower defense game strategies. It is worth noting that the POE Currency purchased by the player in the previous version can be used later, as long as it is the same account character.

    Path of Exile: Blight introduces a whole new NPC, Casister Cassia, whose main function should be to introduce players to information regarding dangerous fungal growth spread through Wraeclast. These fungal growth messages can infect and control the ideas of nearby monsters, but sister Cassia has produced a pump that may pump Escher from your growth to make them harmless. Players must deploy some towers to aid protect the pump even though it is working.

    Here are the principal features of Path of Exile:

        Download and play games without cost, never pay
        Dark and Deep Action RPG
        Combine skill gems to produce unique battle strategies
        Explore the dark and hard world rendered at a fixed 3D angle
        Explore randomly generated levels for nearly unlimited replay
        Making weapons, magic Path of Exile Currency and in some cases eventually, the map gets to be more powerful
        Cooperate or contest with thousands of other exiles in the ongoing online world

    Through some of the above features, I think you should know more about the game of Path of Exile. Come and try it out!