Old school Runescape: New Update has been Published


    I'm not talking about minigames.Old school RuneScape Gold  : New Update has been Published. But any time anyone suggests these honest, guaranteed-result 1v1 fights, the griefers and Wildy fans that are good at being toxic and love it, will downvote and shout down the suggestion so fast, and complain that just battling till you run out of food is"dull" and"no ability" and many other lies on it, that it never gets contemplated, and we're stuck with the poisonous Wildnerness version of PvP that doesn't work, forever more.

    You need to blur out the name because it's against the rules here but lmao, that man in your picture started messaging me earlier today too since he got banned on this subreddit but needed to vent his frustration. Made an whole article on a few ironmen for example me that did not want to fight himtried to convince us banned by emailing Jagex... Best part is that the problems he raised have been dealt with by Jagex but he's still not over it somehow. He's a man, I would block him believing he can not do much more than throw a few insults your way. He seems a bit frustrated that he got rightfully prohibited. Cries how nobody will PvP as intended. Apparently PvPers have still not realised folks do not need to take part in actions in a toxic environment where alot of people flame, rag, skulltrick, ddos, bugabuse, etc..

    It's amusing I do alot of things in the wildy and that I only die one time a week or so. The pkers risk a bit although I really don't risk at all. The best part is I will be in lava germs and they would attack me. Sometimes 1 or two people at one time. I run amazingly and south alot of the time wannakers cant kill me in time. I admit the quality of wannakers have fall significantly and when they kill you they behave as they are the very best but if you escape dragonhise armour while they're in tectonic etc they PM you saying that your trash blah blah. It's kinda sad that the wildy used to be cool but now it's a zone alot of the time I only wish they eliminate it or actually make it worth there.

    Also think there ought to be much official atmosphere for people to start studying pvp. Unlike osrs pvp is not a thing so there's no training environment. You walking into the wilderness with a great deal of knowledge or you are entirely new. Since pvp is back to manual and RuneScape players are conditioned through revolution, its own healthy for RuneScape sport to really have a place people can normally gather to practice manual and pvp combat at precisely the same time.  rsgoldfast.com will update more information every day, you can getting more tips or you can click  RuneScape Gold  from us with cheap price.