Conveyor Chain Is Usually Used For Small Pieces

  • At present, the Conveyor Chain system is gradually improved and has been widely used in cosmetics, fruits and vegetables, pharmaceuticals, beverages, logistics and other transportation industries, indicating that this transportation chain is a convenient and efficient transportation method.

    Chain plate is a very important part of Conveyor Chain's conveying process. Different products often use different chain plates. The clamping hoist often uses POM-made elastic wedge chains, mountain chains, D-chains, etc. To meet the friction coefficient requirements of some special products, there are special anti-skid chain plates and friction-resistant steel top chains. Conveyor Chain is usually used for small parts such as filling, bottling, small boxes, and small bags. The width of the conveyed product can be 2.5 times the width of the chain plate. The main body of the chain plate is usually injection-molded by pom, and the track part is often made of standard extruded aluminum profiles, with high-strength wear-resistant strips dedicated to Conveyor Chain. The driver is made of high-strength plastic steel or stainless steel.

    Conveyor Chain system features: the frame uses high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, high-strength (tensile) conveyor chains, easy assembly, convenient maintenance and disassembly, low wear and long life, reliable and adjustable conveying speed (3-60M / Min), can be Flexible layout according to site. Conveyor Chain system structure consists of: driver, follower, frame component, chain plate component, guardrail component, leg component, turning component, lifting component.

    Before the Conveyor Chain system was put into production, repeated simulation experiments were performed on the production scheduling of the conveying objects, and the problem of how to optimize the scheduling of the flexible conveying system was reasonably solved, and the parts were processed by its own factory, compared with ordinary equipment manufacturing Business, can more flexibly design and produce the most suitable flexible conveyor line for customers.

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