aggregate processing equipment

  • Some studies have shown that the aggregate of sand and stone has become the second largest consumption of human beings, next only to fresh water. Due to the gradual depletion of natural sand and stone aggregate, the market of artificial sand and stone is relatively hot, and various slags, rocks, waste materials, etc. can be processed into the required particle size through aggregate equipment.

    The aggregate plays a role of filling and supporting in the concrete, presenting loose granular, improving the durability and stability of the concrete. The aggregate is divided into natural, artificial and recycled according to its source, coarse aggregate and fine aggregate according to its particle size, ordinary aggregate and light aggregate according to its density, fine aggregate with particle size between 0.15-4.75mm promotes sand, and coarse aggregate with particle size between 4.75-9.0mm is vulgar weigh stones.

    The aggregate production line is composed of gravel equipment and sand making equipment. At present, the commonly used aggregate processing equipment is divided into two categories. One is crushing equipment, which processes the large ore to about 50mm. According to the hardness, brittleness, density and humidity of the ore, different types of gravel equipment can be selected, including jaw crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher and impact crusher The first type is sand making equipment, which can process gravel with particle size between 35-60mm into coarse aggregate or fine aggregate.

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