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  • huzhou fuji China Bed Elevator Supplier Share The Operating Environment Of The Elevator The following FUJI HSED China bed elevator supplier introduces several major factors that affect the service life of domestic elevators. 1. Home elevator brand: Usually, people will definitely consider the brand when shopping, because after all, "one price and one product" makes sense, and after-sales will be better, people will feel safe and secure. The same is true of home elevators, the better the brand, the more reassured. 2. The quality of the home elevator: The better the quality of the home elevator, the more resistant to wear and tear, and the longer the service life. In general, developers will choose better-quality home elevators, which can not only reduce the number of elevator maintenance times, but also reduce maintenance costs. 3. Operating environment of the home elevator: The wire rope and frame of the home elevator are iron. Iron is easy to rust in a humid environment, and even if it is corrosion-resistant, its service life will be damaged. Therefore, the location of the home elevator is required. 4. Maintenance of home elevators: Like home elevators, home elevators also require regular inspections. In general, the inspection cycle of domestic elevators is one month, to prevent users from being troubled by elevator failures, and even cause irreparable consequences. 5. How to use a home elevator: When using an elevator, people should avoid exceeding the load-bearing range of the elevator, let alone beating in the elevator, which will affect the service life of the home elevator. information about China bed elevator supplier:
    Mar 20

  • hangzhou hzqj Silent Chain Manufacturers Explain Why Chains Break Mechanical chain bucket elevator is a commonly used bucket elevator. It has a large amount of material for conveying and lifting, and the chain is strong and durable. It is a good choice for some materials with more sharpness. Although the traction element uses a chain to maintain long-term use, the strength of the lifting conveying device is increased. Bucket lifts are roughly divided into belt type, chain type, and plate chain type. Now let's talk about the reasons for the chain break of the chain bucket type bucket elevator: This is related to the material being conveyed. If the material being conveyed is fine, the viscosity is easy, It is stuck between two links. If this layer of fine particles is stuck between two adjacent links, the accumulation of thousands of links is a great length, making the chain more and more tight until it is broken. . The solution is to gradually loosen the tensioning device of the chain to relieve the excessive tension, and the chain will not break. However, some customers will report that the chain will break. The following manufacturers of hzqjchain Silent Chain analyze this problem. The reasons for this situation are as follows: 1. The material of the chain of the bucket bucket elevator is not good and is not durable; 2. The user did not connect tightly when installing the chain, which caused the interface to break; 3. Viscous materials stand at the gap of the chain, which causes the tension between the chains to increase, which causes the chain to break; 4, the chain has not been maintained for a long time, so that the aging is severe, and it will break after a long time; 5. The hopper or other objects get stuck in the chain, causing the bucket elevator to be pulled off during work. Of course, the reason for the chain break of the chain bucket elevator may be one reason, or it may be caused by a variety of reasons. The above is the result of analysis based on the field use and technical experience. When the chain breaks, please handle it properly so that the bucket elevator can work as quickly as possible. information about Silent Chain :
    Mar 17